Wireless Video Ground Station

This page will talk about the third, and hopefully last revision of my wireless video system's ground station                                                                          
I'll never be happy
If you've kept up with the updates to my website you'll know that this represents my third iteration of a video groundstation.  I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never be happy, and must simply embrace change.  For this current iteration of the groundstation I started with my trusty video system from Black Widow A/V, and a new camcorder, the  Sony TRV-22 digital camcorder.

The equipment
Everything is contained in a Pelican 1400 series equipment case.  The picture at right shows how I have everything arranged.  There are three things of note in this new setup.  First, the camcorder is new, and about half the size of my old one.  Second, I now power my receiver with a 3-cell lithium-polymer battery.  Third is my use of the 8dbi patch.  This is the one included with the BWAV200 ready to fly video system.

This is how I deploy the system.  The patch is placed face up on the ground to focus it's attention on the airplane above.  I usually close the lid to protect the camcorder, but on occasion I'll leave it up so I can sneak a glance at the video.  To REALLY preview the video properly, I use my eyetop video glasses.
These are my much-hacked Eyetop video glasses.  I bought a couple of pairs of safety glasses from Home Depot and used the lenses to make myself a "bright day" and "cloudy day" set of lenses... the dark lenses of course being used on a bright day, and the light blue lenses being used on a cloudy day.