This page will describe my aerial video setup on my GWS Tiger Moth.
My smallest plane yet with aerial video
The GWS Tiger Moth is a very light airplane that is great for flying at our small local parks.  I thought it would be totally cool to put a wireless video system on the plane and capture some video from the plane's perspective.  I ended up using a very small and very high quality 2.4ghz 50mw transmitter from
This picture shows the details of how the system is laid out.  The Panasonic CX161 Color CCD camera  is mounted just behind the co-pilot's seat and angled to get a view between the top struts. The transmitter is mounted on the side of the body, and the antenna has been moved to the end of a short length of coax for easier positioning.  The wire going forward is the power cord, and the system shares the plane's battery.
Here is a slightly different angle.  Notice that the main battery (the green Qualcomm's under the nose) were shifted well forward to balance the plane.  I soldered a separate connector on to the battery to allow me to share the main battery.  The video system adds a total of 1.2 ounces to the plane.
This is a tails-eye view of the setup.
... And here's how it looks on camera!  This was shot on an overcast day.