This page will describe my Endoplasma powered T52 from JKAerotech.
Fastest plane yet!
This plane moves right along!  At least it does compared to most of my other planes.  The only one that even comes close right now is the Pico Jet, but ya' really gotta put it into a dive to work up the speed.  My next plane is an E-Plane from JKAerotech.  I'm planning on powering it the same as the T52, so the wing loading should be pretty high (read: fast plane!)
This shot shows how I mounted the geared Endoplasma in the nose of the plane. The gearbox is from Great Planes, model G600.
Another shot of the nose.  Hopefully this gives you a good sense of how the tie wraps are holding the gearbox in place.
Another shot of the whole plane.