This page will describe my aerial video setup on my Endoplasma powered T52 from JKAerotech.
A good testbed for aerial video
The T52 as I have it configured has the best climb rate of any of my planes.  This makes it an ideal test platform for aerial video because I can get the plane pretty high pretty quick to test range and coverage of the video system.
This picture shows a head-on shot of the plane with the video system attached.  The camera is taped to the leading edge of the right wing, and the transmitter is taped to the left side of the body.
Here you can see the overall layout and get a perspective for the size of the video equipment in relationship to the plane.  It's pretty small.
A closer view of the layout shows how the antenna was oriented.  I took the stock antenna apart and soldered in a slightly longer length of coax.  Then I took the dipole from the original coax and soldered it to the new coax, but at right angles to the coax. 

Click the picture at left to see the video shot from this setup