GWS Slowstick meets Aerobird Xtreme
This page will describe my recently hacked-together airplane designed around the GWS Slowstick and the Aerobird Xtreme.  The Wing and tail feathers are from the Aerobird X, and the remainder came from the GWS Slowstick.  The remainer of this page will highlight the details of the build.
Did they ever imagine?
This is certainly not the first hack that started on the back of a GWS slowstick, and I suspect it will not be the last.  Kudo's to GWS for giving us such a nice starting point.

The equipment
The equipment layout is pretty straight forward.  The controller (Castle Creations brushless 25) sits just forward of the wing, which is also where the battery goes to get a good balance.  The receiver (Hitec 555) is under the wing, and the servos (two Hitec HS55's) are just aft of the wing.

Here you can see the battery installation, along with my hacked motor installation.  I used a motor clamp that I bought from  The front bolt is drilled through the main body tube, and the rear is secured with a zip tie, with the clamp's rear hole just above the main body tube.  This allowed the clamp to angle down and give a good motor thrust line.  The clear thing covering the motor wires is a short length of fluorescent light protector tube which I got at Home Depot.  It's purpose is to prevent the folding prop from getting snagged in the wires.
The Aerobird Xtreme's tail seemed tailor made for this application.  By drilling two holes through the tailboom, I was able to easily mount it using the hardware included with the tail.  Be sure to drill your holes perfectly in line with each other, because a small deviation here will mean big trim changes later.
Here you can see the geometry of the tail/servo installation.   The tail hardware was very complete, and included a black angle bracket that set the angle of the tail surfaces, as well as gave the bolts something to screw into.   In my current installation the control  rods are pretty bowed, but they seem able to move the control surfaces effectively