Building the spider board
This page will describe the construction of the 'spider board', a module to simplify the configuration of aerial video systems.
The Tangled Webs We Weave...
I've been hacking together aerial video systems for a few months now, and I came to the conclusion that there MUST be a better way to try new transmitters and camera's than constantly soldering and unsoldering parts.  Each system I built was a tangled web of wires, and forget about debugging it if it didn't work when I plugged it in!  Using the experience I gained over the last few months, I've begun building prototypes of the "spider board", a small module to tame the tangled web of wires in my aerial video systems.
Construction Details
This is a detail shot of my first prototype.  The two black rectangular things that have all the wires between them are .1" single row, snappable headers.  The transmitter will plug into the header on the left, and the camera will plug into the header on the right.  What looks like a pc board underneath is actually the back side of a PT5041N dc-dc voltage converter from Texas Instruments. 
This shot shows the spider module plugged in. The module performs well when mated with my Lawmate 2.4ghz 100mw transmitter.
This is another version of the spiderboard, but it's looking less like the spider at the center of a web!  My intention was to consolidate all the power generation equipment at one point on the wiring harness.  It is simply another way to wire everything together to give me more mounting options on my planes.