This page will chronical my work in Aerial Photography on the GWS SlowStick.  All credit for everything I did goes to the fine members on the ezone.
Versatile and cheap
The GWS SlowStick is an amazing piece of economical engineering. After reading all the glowing reviews of this plane on the ezone, I just had to buy one and find out what all the fuss was about.  I built the plane completely stock (it came with the '300' size motor and gearbox), and I run it on a set of 2s2p 1020mah kokam cells.  Power is very good, and the plane has no problem lifting the Aiptek 1.3 SD digital camera.
Here is my layout on the plane.  The camera is rubber-banded and taped to the side of the battery.  I use the RCCAM CamMan switch to trigger the camera.  I modified the instructions slightly since I was using the 'SD' model of the camera.  Some quick pictures of guts of the camera are here.
Another view from the other side

Below are some pictures I shot with this setup. In all cases, images were resized, cropped, and sharpened.  No color manipulation was performed.  Contrary to the cautions I heard on the ezone, every one of these images was shot with the motor running just fast enough to maintain altitude.  I suspect that the very bright sun allowed for a fast enough shutter speed to minimize the effects of vibration on the image.

This is the new local library which sits next to the community pond.  At the top of the pond you can see an open air theater.  The artists would stand with the pond as a back drop.  Farther back you can see the community tennis courts.

Anyone who has seen my aerial videos will recognize this site.


This shot shows the new county municipal buildings.  The pond to the left is the same one shown above near the library.  You can see a new playground being build near the center right, and the fancy mowing job the county does on the local ball fields.

I thought this was interesting in an abstract way, for the precise, yet seemingly pointless tracks in the dirt.

Another view of the road near where I normally fly.