Push-E Willow
The Push-E Willow is my version of the popular Push-E Cat airplane by Garisone Aerodome.  I liked the idea of a slow speed 400 airplane with a pusher prop.  I've cart wheeled this one a couple of times and there was no damage (other than my pride)
Vital Statistics:
WingSpan: 42"
Motor: Speed 400
Prop: Gunther "Zagi" Prop
Receiver: Hitec 555
Servo's: Hitec HS-55
Speed Control: Great Planes C-30 (overkill, but it's what I had laying around)
Battery: 7 KR600AE's

This is the plane as I am currently flying it.  The wing is pink foam covered in yellow packing tape.  It has a 4.8mm, 24 inch long carbon fiber spar imbedded in the bottom.  It is a flat wing (no dihedral) and has a flat bottom airfoil.  The tail group, as well as the sheeting on the nose and the ailerons are coroplast. 
The plane is quite stable and easy to fly if you have experience with flat wing designs.  The high wing helps.  The battery rests in a pocket in the nose of the plane to help maintain the correct CG.
....Another perspective to give you an idea of the plane's geometry.  The control rods are thin piano wire and are guided to the back of the plane via a couple of white plastic swizzle sticks.  At some point I'll probably replace them with something a little better looking.