's Phat Larry

Here you can see my general equipment layout.  In order to get the plane to balance properly, I had to position the battery fairly far back on the wing, which would have been difficult if I had followed the manufacturer's recommendation of slipping the battery through the opening on the underside of the nose.
This is where I was supposed to slip the battery in... not much room here, especially if you fly with "brick" shaped packs like me!  I ended up cutting a hatch in the top of the plane for the battery.
Here's the hatch I cut for the battery.  I added a balsa tray and  a strip of velcro (not shown) to hold the battery down.  The fuse was weakened by this hole, and I eventually glued balsa panels inside that covered all those pretty holes you see.
This is a detail of the aileron linkage.  One word of warning, I broke the control rods that came with the kit, just by bending them.  Your's might not be as brittle as mine, but beware!
The linkage between the two halves of the elevator was weak at best.  I added a brass tube to strengthen it.  As a result, I had to enlarge the opening in the rudder so the elevator could have full travel.