This page will describe my attempt at a nitro airplanes... a homebuilt O.S.15 powered model hacked together using hardward store parts, left over parts from other airplanes, and a very nice wing core from Steelhead Products
Not to big... not too small.
The OS15 engine lends itself to a very nice sized airplane that can easily be flown in a good sized park.   Unfortunately I couldn't really find many small ARF's designed to accept this engine, so I set out to build my own.  This is my story.

The plane is built around a section of 'U' channel aluminum I found at Home Depot.  The plane 'body' is a piece of 1/4 " plywood with a notch cut out for the engine, and a hole cut out to cradle the gas tank.

Here you can see the overall layout of the equipment on the plane.  I used a hitec 555 rx, HS55 for the throttle servo, and HS81's for the rudder/elevator servos.  The SBec is a voltage regulator that can take an insanely wide input voltage and provide a stable 5v output.  I power it with a 2 cell 800mah lipoly battery pack.

I decided early on to make the airplane fairly aerobatic, so the Steelhead wing cores were glued together with no dyhedrel, and full length ailerons were attached.  The aileron servos are both driven from the same channel, but at some point I might plug then into seperate channels so I can program in some custom mixes on my transmitter.  Note the custom "H" mount for the tail servos... it is made from 1/8 plywood.  A 1/16 inch piece of basswood protects the TE of the wing from the hold down rubberbands.

This detail shot of the tail shows the positive incidence I added by putting two washers under the front hold-down bolt.  This reduced the decolage to an appropriate level, and effectively built in a bit of motor down thrust by virtue of the fact that the motor thrust line was mounted in line with the fuselage.

The 'V' tail has turned out to be not such a hot idea for this plane. The tail I used came from an Aerobird Extreme.  There have been reports of this tail failing on the Aerobird resulting in a crash.  In a fairly highspeed pass I heard the "thrum!" of something fluttering on my plane, and when I landed I discovered these creases in the tail surface.  If I had not used packing tape on the top of the tail surface I am sure it would have snapped off, just like on the Aerobird.