This page will describe my work with a new transmitter and receiver made by Lawmate Technologies.  The units were purchased from Black Widow A/V.  The units operate at  2.4ghz and the transmitter puts out 100mw. 
Transmitter and Receiver: first impressions
When I got the units I was pleasantly surprised that the transmitter had a built in microphone, meaning one less thing to buy and solder!  The receiver is extremely sturdy, much more so than my receiver included with my Racewood transmitter (which still does a fine job though)
This picture shows the first modification I made to the transmitter.  I replaced the header with a section of single-row, snappable .1" header (digikey part number xxx).  Small bits of 1/16" heatshrink tubing insulate the wires.  The intention was to allow the unit to mate to my SpiderBoard for power and video.

Ok, I said the 'first modification', actually it was the only modification.  I really like that built in microphone!

This picture shows the transmitter fully configured for flight.  I'm using my sturdy groundplane antenna for good signal coverage, and the Panasonic CX161 CCD camera for lightweight high quality video.  The battery is a small 4 cell pack made from 300mah nimh cells.  The SpiderBoard ties it all together.

Updated 02/20/2002: The SpiderBoard has crawled onto the back of the transmitter!

Here we have the receiver.  A couple of things I like about it:

The antenna attaches via a SMA connector.  The unit ships with a standard 'whip' antenna which is fine for close range flying (less than 600 feet), but by simply unscrewing the antenna, I can attach a more directional one that will extend the range considerably (and of course I will definitely want to extend the range  :-)

The case is all metal and has mounting tabs.  At some point I'll integrate the receiver and my camcorder into a 'ground-station' box, and the ability to mount the receiver is nice.

A simplified wiring diagram for the transmitter can be found here.

And click here for the mechanical drawing of the transmitter (including pinouts)

You can see an example video from my new system by clicking the picture on the left and scrolling down to 'Lawmate 2.4 ghz' videos