The XCam2 from is an amazing blend of technology, innovation and affordability.  For $90 you get a self contained 2.4ghz transmitter and color camera AND a separate receiver.  The transmitter is capable of sending a solid video signal to the receiver up to 100 feet indoors.  We can use the receiver with very little modifications, but the transmitter will require more extensive modification to suit our needs. 
Ok, you knew the warnings were going to come at some point, and here they are:
1) Working with electronics involves all sorts of hazards like breathing solder vapors and destroying $100 dollar cameras in the blink of an eye.  If you can't afford to loose $200, then I would discourage you from attempting any of the modifications described on this website.
2) The modifications I describe on this website worked wonders for me, but might just end up killing or maiming you.  You embark upon these modifications at your own risk, and are expected to understand the dangers involved.

To wet your appetite for aerial video, I would invite you to click the picture at left to be taken to a web page where I keep a sample of my videos.  Once you are suitably awed by what you see, follow the link below to see how I put my system together.

System description and modifications