This page will describe my aerial video setup on my GWS Pico Cub

Updated 06/01/2002: Antenna modifications down below!

My smallest plane yet with aerial video
The GWS Pico Cub is a very light airplane, and not exactly designed for carrying a payload.  It was therefore extremely important that the video system I attached be very small and light.  I ended up building a system based on the new 2.4ghz 50mw transmitter from
This picture shows the details of how the system is laid out.  The Panasonic CX161 Color CCD camera  is mounted under the leading edge of the right wing. The transmitter is mounted on the side of the body with the antenna as low as possible.  The wire snaking under the body is the power cord, and the system shares the plane's battery after being passed through a 5v LDO regulator.
Here you can see how small the antenna is (it's the white thing under the transmitter).  It appears to be a miniature helical design, something I've never seen before.  Flight tests will prove whether it is effective.
Updated 06/01/2002: After playing a lot with the above setup I decided to hack the transmitter a little bit more.  I wanted the option to move the antenna around for the best orientation, without being constrained by the need to keep the transmitter near the camera and the power source.  My solution was to unsolder the micro-helical antenna and attach it at the end of a length of coax.
Here you can see the micro-helical antenna soldered at the end of the coax.  The center conductor of the coax was soldered to the antenna, and the shield is simply left hanging.  I suspect this affects the impedence and therefore the power output of the system, however the quality of the video is unaffected over the range I've been flying the system (less than 100 feet)
The coax was soldered to the transmitter in such a way that the center conductor made contact with the transmitter output, and the shield rested against the can and was soldered down.

  Click here to see the video shot from this setup