Putting together an Electric Flight Box
A very important aspect of electric flight is the Flight Box.  This box contains everything necessary for you to enjoy a day of flying at the field.  I have shamelessly copied all the good things I've seen in other guys boxes and presented it here.
Flight Box considerations
Everyone has their idea of a 'good' flight box, and it is important to use what works for you.  The box I've assembled is flexible enough to keep me flying all day at the field in a package that is easy to transport.
The details of my box
These are the major components of my flight box:  The transmitter, charger, flight batteries, lead-acid battery, and 'junk box'.  The junk box contains the odds and ends I might need at the flying field... extra rubber bands, charging adapter cords, a small screwdriver, etc.  The Lead-acid battery allows me to power my charger so that I can 'top-off' my flight batteries just before I use them. Note that I do not use this battery to charge a completely spent flight battery! Charging logistics are covered in the next picture.
The method I use for charging my batteries assures that I will always have a topped off battery for flight, and will exercise my entire collection of batteries equally.  Note first the round charge indicator above each battery that indicates the state of the battery.  Red is for completely discharged, yellow is charged a day or more ago, and green is charged today ('topped off').  All the batteries start with their power cord pointing up on the velcro.  As each one is used, it is re-attached upside down.  I won't use a battery again until all the batteries are upside down... then I re-attach them all with the cord facing up and start over again.