The Camcorder
For portability I selected a digital camcorder to view and capture my aerial video.  This one is the Sony DCR-TRV230 which I bought at Best Buy for about $600.  The camera simply hangs around my neck, and the output of the receiver feeds into the analog input on the camera.  I can then view the video while I'm flying.  I do not, however, feel comfortable "flying by video".  Yet. 
Viewing and Capturing considerations and options
Most newer digital camcorders allow you to hook up an analog video source and view it on the built in screen, and capture it to tape.  This is an important question to ask, however, if you consider going this route.  There are a few digital camcorders that don't allow analog input, and they are not much use for what we are trying to do.  A much less expensive way to capture your aerial video is to buy a combination tv/vcr.  Many of these were designed with the intention of being put in a car or camper, and can be powered directly from a 12v power source like a car battery. I have seen these for as little as $250 dollars, which is a bargain compared to a $600 camcorder!