This page will describe my explorations into aerial photography from a Voyager E helicopter.
Yet another hobby to blow my hard earned cash on
I learned quickly that to do this right requires nerves of steel and a deep pocketbook.  Since I don't have the prior, I hope I can get by on the latter.

Here you can see the overall layout of the camera system on the helicopter.  The camera is mounted to one of those really cheap table top tripods, which is then mounted to a pair of carbon fiber arrow shafts.  The live preview downlink and battery are mounted on the opposite side to balance the helicopter. Of course I use the DigiLive from Black Widow A/V

Here you can sort of see how I mounted the camera.  The table top tripod was all plastic, which made it easy to rip off two of the legs and then drill holes through the third leg, through which the carbon fiber arrow shafts are inserted.   The camera is mounted to the ball head of the tripod, making it easy to set the camera angle.