This page will describe the latest revision of my spiderboard, which has really stopped being a spiderboard and become an integrated part of the transmitter.  My transmitter of choice for this hack is the Lawmate 2.4ghz 100mw unit purchased from Black Widow A/V 
Taming the Spider
The whole point of using a dc-dc converter was to allow me to power my system from a small 4 cell battery pack.  Integrating the converter into my wireless aerial video system has been an on going project, and has produced a couple of permutations which are described on my SpiderBoard page.  This latest revision was designed specifically around the Lawmate 2.4ghz 100mw transmitter, but could definitely be applied to other transmitters.
I didn't shoot a lot of construction photos, but I've taken a few completed pictures that I hope will clearly illustrate what I accomplished.  At the right is my 'old' setup, which has the dc-dc converter at the center of a web of wires.  This setup allows a great deal of flexibility in mounting the system, but on the occasions when I was mounting everything close together, I ended up with a lot of bunched up wire.
Here is the new configuration.  The dc-dc converter has been superglued to the back of the transmitter.  A 4 pin jack has been glued next to the dc-dc converter and this is where the camera will plug in.
From this angle you can sort of see the connector used for the camera.  The least obvious part of what I did here was that I bent the Ground and Video Return pins on the jack down until they touched the transmitter case and soldered them down. Click the picture at right for a slightly better picture of the connector (not much though)
click for connector detail